*All dance classes for ages 3 and up are drop-off only. Parents/caretakers are allowed to enter and view the final five minutes of each class. Special visitors (i.e. grandparents visiting from out of town) may observe class if arrangements have been made in advance.

*Please do not allow your child to wear her ballet slippers outside. Send your child to class in her street shoes and we will help the girls change into their slippers once inside the studio. Please label your child’s ballet slippers on the inside of each shoes with a pen.

*There is no food allowed in the studio at anytime. This rule pertains to your other children
who come with you at drop off and pick up. If your child needs a snack, please use our brown benches just outside our front door. We always provide water for the dancers.

*Observation classes will be the week before we close for the winter holidays. The end of the year recital is typically the first Saturday in June. The older children (Ballet III and up) have a spring concert in Late March or early April. All of these dates will be emailed to you ASAP.


Children in Ballet Petit and Pre-Ballet are not required to wear a uniform.
Uniforms are required and purchased at the studio for Ballet I and up, including Modern.

The uniform includes a leotard and pink tights, but you need to purchase your own pink ballet slippers.

Children in Ballet I and up wear color coded leotards based on their level. We will size each
child in our sample leotards at her first class and have the uniform ready to be worn the following week. Please send your child to her first class wearing whatever comfortable clothes she has, dance clothes, or simple clothes such as a tank top and leggings.

There is no jewelry allowed, and hair must be pulled away neatly from the face.


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