We appreciate you making us a part of your children’s creative growth. In order to serve our children better, the following rules have been designed to facilitate less interruptions during class time. Thank you for your co-operation.

  1. Please arrive to class on time. Coming late to class is distracting to the other children and disturbs the class flow. If arriving late to class and during circle time, please wait outside until circle time is over and enter during the transition.
  2. Make-up classes must be arranged by phone or email. Please do not show up to a class unannounced because we may not be able to accommodate you.
  3. Older or younger siblings may come to class only if prior arrangements have been made by phone. Each sibling must pay for class. Please call before bringing siblings to class to make sure we have ample space.
  4. Please, no cell phones. Cell phones must be on silent/vibrate during class and adults may step outside to use the phone. No exceptions.
  5. Payment must be received at the time of services rendered. Payments of all upcoming or renewing class series must be made on the last class of the current series in order to hold your space in class.
  6. One adult per child. Arrangements for special guest visitors (i.e. grandparents visiting from out of town) may be made in advance.
  7. All children must be accompanied to the bathroom by an adult.
  8. Please, no toys from home. If a comfort toy is needed, please keep it at the benches or in a bag during class.
  9. No outside food or drink allowed in the studio at anytime. Water is always provided. If your child needs a snack, feel free to step outside. Sippy cups or bottles may only be used with adult supervision, and only at the front benches.
  10. Our teachers are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have either before, or after the 50 minute class time. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to speaking with you!